The Best 107 Ubuntu Alternatives

  • gNewSense

    gNewSense is a computer operating system based on Debian, and developed with sponsorship from the Free Software Foundation.

    Free Open Source Linux

  • Netrunner

    Netrunner is a Debian-based Linux distribution with KDE Plasma as the default desktop environment.

    Free Open Source Linux

  • Q4OS

    Fast and powerful operating system based on the latest technologies while offering highly productive desktop environment. We focus on security, reliability, long-term...

    Free Open Source Linux Raspberry Pi

  • Korora Project

    Korora is an installable Fedora Remix Live USB image which aims to provide a complete out of the box experience for new users, including support for multimedia.

    Free Open Source Linux

  • Node OS

    NodeOS is a Linux-based operating system built entirely in Javascript and managed by npm.

    Free Open Source Linux Self-Hosted GitHub

  • antiX

    antiX is a fast, lightweight and easy-to-install linux live CD distribution based on MEPIS and Debian's testing branch for Intel/AMD x86-compatible systems. antiX...

    Free Open Source Linux

  • ALT Linux

    ALT Linux is a set of RPM-based operating systems built on top of the Linux kernel and Sisyphus packages repository.

    Free Open Source Linux

  • AmigaOS

    AmigaOS 4 is a line of Amiga operating systems which runs on PowerPC microprocessors.

    Commercial AmigaOS

  • GNU Guix

    GuixSD is an advanced distribution of the GNU operating system developed by the GNU Project —which respects the freedom of computer users.

    Free Open Source Linux

  • Ubuntu Budgie

    ubuntu budgie (previously budgie-remix) is an ubuntu-based distribution featuring the budgie desktop, originally developed by the solus project.

    Free Open Source Linux

  • CrunchBang Plus Plus

    CrunchBang++ is an open source and completely free [of cost (#!++ does include several of Debian’s non-free packages as well as the non-free repository)] computer...

    Free Open Source Linux

  • ChaletOS

    ChaletOS is a beginner-friendly Linux distribution based on Xubuntu and featuring the Xfce desktop. It provides a simple and intuitive desktop interface, modest hardware...

    Free Open Source Linux

  • BunsenLabs

    BunsenLabs Linux is a distribution offering a light-weight and easily customizable Openbox desktop. The current release is Hydrogen, built on top of Debian Jessie. The...

    Free Open Source Linux

  • GhostBSD

    ghostbsd is a user friendly desktop operating system based on freebsd , which attempts to conform to the single unix specification.

    Free Open Source BSD

  • Pearl OS

    Pearl Linux OS has been available for free download since 12/2014 with our first release simply titled Pearl Linux. It was based on the 14.04 released version of Ubuntu....

    Free Open Source Linux

  • KaOS

    KaOS is a desktop Linux distribution that features the latest version of the KDE desktop environment, the Calligra office suite, and other popular software applications...

    Free Open Source Linux