The Best 66 µTorrent Alternatives

  • ßTorrent

    ßtorrent is a fully-featured webtorrent browser client written in jade, coffeescript and sass.

    Free Open Source Web

  • Atorrent

    aTorrent is a torrent client for Android Phones. It is a closed-source, freemium application that utilizes your phone's mobile connection to download content, but is under active development.

    Freemium Android Android Tablet

  • NTorrent

    a graphical user interface client to rtorrent (a cli torrent client) written in java. ntorrent can administer a rtorrent process over a network and allows several clients.

    Free Open Source Mac OS X Windows Linux rTorrent

  • BitTornado

    BitTornado is a BitTorrent client by TheSHAD0W. It's based on original BitTorrent client by Bram Cohen. It is single torrent program, so you must open new window for every torrent.

    Free Open Source Windows Linux

  • Red Torrent

    A bit torrent client for your phone or tablet! A multithreaded BitTorrent client. Download torrents directly with your phone! Lite version is limited to one download at a time, but with no speed limit!

    Freemium Android

  • Koinonein BitTorrent Client

    Koinonein BitTorrent Client is a fully featured BitTorrent Client that is free from data mining and spyware. Koinonein is regularly updated and features are added on request.

    Free Windows

  • Phex

    Phex is a peer-to-peer file sharing client for the Gnutella network. It is free software and without spyware or adware. Phex is released under the GNU General Public License.

    Free Open Source Mac OS X Windows Linux Java Mobile

  • aDownloader

    aDownloader is a native bit torrent (bittorrent/P2P) downloader for Android devices. You may search online torrent and or add torrent from local sdcard. aDownloader is also a http downloader that supports break-resume.

    Freemium Android Android Tablet

  • Torrex

    A native BitTorrent client for Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 (including Windows phones and tablets).

    Freemium Windows Windows Phone Xbox

  • Torrent2exe

    Torrent2exe is a small BitTorrent client. Its basic idea is to let users download a custom-built EXE program with the torrent file integrated into it. The program's size is only about 50 kb.

    Free Windows Web

  • Torrential

    Download torrents in style with this speedy, minimalist torrent client for elementary OS.

    Free Open Source Linux elementary OS

  • PNaCL Transmission

    Transmission is famous bittorrent client. This is PNaCL version. PNaCL Transmission can't access local disk on your PC. So You can be used safely.

    Free Mac OS X Windows Linux Chrome OS Chrome

  • Bitford

    BitTorrent client for Chrome that can stream videos while they're being downloaded.

    Free Windows Chrome

  • JSTorrent

    JSTorrent runs anywhere you have Chrome installed because it runs in pure JavaScript. Can be bought from the Chrome Web Store for a small fee or installed for free from...

    Freemium Chrome OS

  • zget

    Peer file to file transfer using command line interface.

    Free Open Source Mac OS X Windows Linux Windows Mobile Python