The Best 110 Pidgin Alternatives

  • Orbit

    Instant messaging rooms for the distributed network IPFS.

    Free Open Source Mac OS X Windows Linux JavaScript IPFS

  • Cyanide

    cyanide is tox client for sailfish os .

    Free Open Source Self-Hosted Sailfish OS

  • Messenger for Desktop

    A simple & beautiful app for Facebook Messenger. Chat without distractions on any Operating System.

    Free Open Source Mac OS X Windows Linux

  • is a socket webchat supporting aesthetic username customization and stylized messages using a markup language similar to 'LISP', and supports a multitude of alternative clients. .

    Free Open Source Linux BSD Web

  • Pandion

    Pandion is an open source instant messaging client for XMPP networks. Keep in touch with friends or collaborate with colleagues using Pandion instant messenger. Pandion is free software and uses open standards.

    Free Open Source Windows

  • AQQ Instant Messanger

    AQQ is a Polish (but available in English) multiprotocol instant messenger with support of: AQQ, Jabber, Gadu-Gadu, Tlen and ICQ.

    Free Windows

  • centerim

    Centerim is an command line interface chat client for the common protocols like icq, msn, aim, jabber, ...

    Free Open Source Mac OS X Linux BSD

  • Galaxium

    Galaxium is an instant messenger application designed for the GNOME desktop. It will allow you to connect to MSN, Jabber, and IRC.

    Free Linux

  • Qwebirc

    qwebirc is a web based AJAX IRC client.

    Free Open Source Windows Linux Web Self-Hosted

  • Maid-IRC

    A modern web IRC client. Built on Node.js.

    Free Open Source Web Self-Hosted Node.JS

  • ZeroChat

    An IRC-like internet chatroom hosted on ZeroNet, a distributed network. 0rc is a fully distributed website, and messages are shared through peers using the ZeroNet stack.

    Free Open Source Windows Linux Web Mac Self-Hosted Python JavaScript ZeroNet

  • Sim-IM

    Sim-IM, Simple Instant Messenger, is a multiple protocol instant messenger for MS Windows, GNU/Linux, FreeBSD. Sim-IM supports Jabber/XMPP, Google Talk, ICQ and AIM (Oscar), Yahoo! Messenger and Microsoft Messenger (MSN) protocols.

    Free Windows Linux BSD

  • Kmess

    KMess is the Live Messenger alternative for Linux, aiming at integration with the KDE desktop environment. With KMess, chatting with friends using Live Messenger has never been so good.

    Free Open Source Linux

  • Linkello

    Linkello provides easy-to-use video calling right from your browser. FEATURES - Organize videocalls from an outstanding fluidity and quality (up to 4 people) -...

    Freemium Web